Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is something most of us look forward to. Be it the parties or the perfect costumes; we are always looking forward to some unique inspirations that can make us stand apart in the crowd. Most of us might have spent the last few months looking for the perfect Halloween costume that can be worn with the friends. And we are here to make things easy and simple for you. Asking how? Well, we have hunted down for the best Halloween group costume ideas and got them all for you at one place. Just share these with your friends and they will for sure thank you for all those amazing ideas you have put forward.

So, let’s get started. This is an ultimate guide for the Halloween costume ideas and the best part is that most of them are DIY.

1. The Last of Us : If you want to dress up in your style which is blood and spikes, then get your old jeans and add all the fake blood you can and create a perfect zombie look.The Last of Us halloween costume

2. The Mario Kart : If you are a fan of Mario, then you can your friends can try out this look.Mario Kart halloween group costume

3. The Gangnam Style : If you the awesome threesome, then why not try out the Gangnam style. Do remember to perfect those moves before you move to the dance floor.Gangnam Style halloween costumes

4. The Tetris Costume : This has been the most favorite block of game of many. Dress up like blocks to impress.Tetris halloween group costume ideas

5. The Pac Man costume and Ghosts : This is yet another crazy and a simple costume. Some of you can dress up as ghosts and others as Pac man.Pac Man and Ghosts ideas grou

6. The Taco Bell Sauce : Just add some heat to the Halloween party by matching up your dresses which have some amazing quotes from the Taco Bell.

7. Frozen : Frozen is everyone’s favorite. Just dress up like your favorite character.

8. Burger : Burger is the favorite meal of many. Dressing up like one will for sure impress one and all.

9. Orange is the New Black : Dress up like your favorite character from the one of the best shows on Netflix.

10. Scooby Doo costumes : This still remains to the most adorable of all the group costumes.

11. Awkward Family Photo: Just get inspired by some of the looks of the 80’s and dress up in your favorites.

12. The Minions : One would accept the fact that these yellow lovable minions are everyone’s favorite. So, why not try the easy and the cute minion group costume which would be perfect for you and your mischievous friends.

13. The Binders Full of Women : If you are planning to have some real good fun with your girl friends, then why not go with the famous quote and get yourselves into the close quarters.

14. The Poké-Verse : If you are one of those who has a real big friends group and luckily all of you are real big fans of Pokémon, then you all can dress up in your favorite character and have a blast.

15. Three Blind Mice : You are a very close knit group of three, then you can try and recreate the classic costume of the three blind mice.

16. Disney Princesses : Who wouldn’t like to dress up like a princess and the Disney princesses are the favorite of many girls. Then why not try to dress up like one of them. You can be sweet or you can dress up to be sexy but you can for sure nail the look right.

17. Russian Nesting Dolls : Get back the old school charm with these Russian nesting dolls costume.

18. LOTR : You and your friends will certainly have a blast dressing up like the elves or the wizards.

19. Teen Titans : Super heroes are always cool. Just relive this old and funky tale by choosing the right costumes.

20. The Spice Girls : All you need for this is a white tee and a pic of your favorite spice.

21. Dominoes : The best idea for the whole family. Just pool in some black clothes and decorate using take and paper.

22. Zelda : Look as if you have just stepped out of Nintendo. Dress up like Zelda or like Link.

23. Trolls : Dress up like the adorable trolls. Use colorful wigs to get a unique look.

24. Miley Cyrus and Crew : One of the best DIY ideas one can try.

25. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Time to dress up in green girls and boys.

26. Alvin and the Chipmunks : Looking for a very easy DIY, then try this out.

27. Shark Week : You and your friends can gather together for this smart yet brutal look.

28. The Incredibles : A very easy DIY and perfect for group of friends.

29. Care Bears : If you have little ones too, then why not try this cute idea.

30. Guess Who : Do try out this throwback costume. You can add some giant hats or moustaches too.

31. Breaking Bad : You can try and make this twosome into a group costume.

32. Guardians of the Galaxy : If you are looking for the best and a fun costume choice, choose the best from the 80’s super hero epic.

33. Where’s Waldo : All you need for this look is striped shirt. Ideal for large groups.

34. My Little Pony : Time to flaunt some super funky and colorful hair dos and you get to dress up like a super cute pony.

35. Star Trek : This is indeed an easy and a super spacey DIY idea.

36. Army Men : Get this toy inspired look. All you need is a lot of paint and plastic.

37. Pantone Mimes : This is indeed a super fun-tastic costume you can try with your group of girl friends.

38. Oompa Loompas : This costume works perfect if you are perfected those moves to put the dance floor on fire.

39. The Many Faces of Johnny Depp : Have a group of friends, then why not dress up like the various incarnations from the movie.

40. A Rainbow of Loofas : This is one of those super cute and super easy to make costume. Just add all those colors which you like.

41. 101 Dalmatians : Can you really get 101 of your friends together to dress up like Dalmatians? Think about it.

42. Old School Trophies : A cool but a tricky look. A little hard work is needed to look convincing.

43. The Avengers : Gather together and dress up as your favorite character to fight evil.

44. Looney Toons : This is indeed the most famous and favorite cartoon. Time to imitate the favorites from this cartoon.

45. Avatar : The Last Airbender: You can gather your friends and get inspired with costumes of air, earth, water and fire and save the planet.

46. Play-Doh : If you have a group of little ones, then use construction paper and a little coordination to dress up your adorable kids.

47. The Grinch : You can dress up to the mean or cute, the decision is all yours.

48. The Peanuts Crew : You can use some classic outfits and make this group costume rock.

49. Game of Thrones : Dress up like the crazy characters from this show.

50. Rugrats : Get an adult take on the old childhood classic cartoon.

51. Powerpuff Girls : Inspire your friends with some child hood memories.

52. Toy Story : Time to bring your most liked toys to life by dressing up like the characters from the movie.

53. Angry Birds : Be it the game or the movie, everyone is obsessed with each of the characters from the movie. Dress up like any of the birds you like or the pigs.

54. LEGO World : Time to dress up in all Yellow and becoming LEGO people for just one day.

55. Adventure Time : Choose some of the costumes of your best cartoon characters.

56.  Smurfs : Though this has a lot of planning involved, the outcome is a real wow.

57. Peter Pan : This is ideal for those who do not wish to grow up. The costumes are cheerful and youthful.

58. The #Selfie : Dress yourself up like an Instagram selfie.

59. M&Ms : One might have seen this costume many a times, but it is always cute and favorite of many.

60. The Hunger Games Cast : You can have a win this Halloween by dressing up like the cast of the Hunger Games.

61. #YOLO : Simple yet trendy. Make sure not to mix up the letters when you pose for that picture perfect.

62. Harry Potter and the Gang : What can we say? Dress up like the awesome threesome from the Harry Potter series.

63. The Seven Dwarves : Cheerful and colorful attire that can never go wrong.

64. The Muppet Rock : Time to bring that Muppet Rock band to life. What do you think?

65. Girl Scouts : Simple and one needs is that cute beret and some boxes of the Girl Scout cookie.

66. The Mad Men : You would certainly need some from your grandma’s cupboard for this.

67. The Clue : Everyone’s favorite mystery game comes to the real world.

68. Alice in Wonderland : If you have the right costumes, then you certainly are on spot.

69. The Scrubs : If you are the thickest of the friends, then this costume is an ideal one.

70. The Hungry Caterpillar : Being tied up to your friends can be a little inconvenient, but do not worry, it is just like wearing a giant blanket.

What is your favorite? Do let us know. You also need to try wreck it ralph costume .